Reality Bites course

Posted on December 01, 2008 by Amy Tolmie

Lillie Jenkins is the Chaplaincy Director at the Luton Churches Education Trust. Here she reviews for us the latest course available from the ever brilliant Mark Roques and Urban Saints.

Want to help your young people improve their critical thinking skills, challenge the standards of this world and explore the effects of a living faith? Well, a new course from Urban Saints and Mark Roques (everyone's favourite philosopher), will soon help you to do just that.

Reality Bites offers 20 modules exploring Worldviews and if you think that sounds too academic for your teens in your school or your youth group then stop right there. Mark's definition is as simple as “the dreams that drive our lives” and that's something we can all relate to.

Add to this, a course jam-packed with entertaining true stories about eccentric people and the crazy ways they live their lives and you have an innovative new formula for youth group meetings.

Take the module on idolatry…not the stories of distant tribes from history but a fascinating look at the contrasting stories of Angela Burdett-Coutts and Hetty Green. Both women were millionairesses and loaded but they couldn't be more different in how they sought to spend and save. Angela couldn't help those around her enough; dogs, painters, prostitutes, orphans, weavers and Bulgarians were supported by her generosity! Hetty however, was one of the richest women ever, yet wouldn't heat water for baths, wouldn't change her underwear until it fell off and let her injured son lose a leg rather than paying for medical care!!

This module helps teens to contrast these women's attitudes to life's important questions and to see what the Bible has to say too. It then leads the youth onto looking at the impact cash has on their own lives and how God calls them to use the different resources they possess.

The course takes a sideways look at major themes including Poverty, Community, Media, Fashion, Environment, Money, Crime, Cults, Sex and Sport. Reality Bites is part of the Energise stable and comes in a user-friendly, mix and match format so you can tailor make sessions appropriately for your youngsters. It has all the information you need to run sessions and a basic Power Point presentation with each module.

Mark Roques is an experienced RE and Philosophy Teacher, currently based at WYSOCS (West Yorkshire School of Christian Studies). He uses Worldviews to communicate the gospel as a relevant way to explore faith and culture with a host of schools, youth groups, students and church congregations.

The course can be found here. The Energize materials are subscription based but enough material is available for you to see to decide if it's the challenge your young people need.

The full course is also available to buy direct from WYSOCS with the added bonus of having Rocky at the end of the phone if you needed any help or advice. Brilliant.