What Are You Waiting For?

Posted on December 08, 2009 by Amy Tolmie

Advent assembly to explore the theme of waiting. Here's an outline for an assembly to use in this advent season, including two movie downloads.

Advent assembly to explore the theme of waiting.

  • Waiting Game:Skittles, peanut butter and a timer. This game is a bit of fun to introduce the idea of waiting. Here's how it works: you cover your face (or a willing volunteer) with peanut butter (make sure to check for nut allergies), and then stick on as many skittles/m&ms that will stay! You need to allow for peanut butter dropping on the floor and so have a black sack or something underneath you, and the game is to then time 20 seconds and wait to see how many skittles are still on your face at the end of the time! Just a bit of fun, but it wakes the students up and gets them participating by cheering you on. You can make it competitive by getting each side of the hall to guess how many will stay on and then when the timer has finished you simply count how many are still left.  Off course there are all sorts of ways you can adapt this game and make it more suitable to your needs, but the point of the exercise is to illustrate waiting. download clock (Quicktime file) Once you open the file you will need to hit the space bar to play the movie.
  • Question: Ask the students, 'have you ever had to wait for something? If you have time, you can ask some students this question before hand and film their answers, you can then do a short 2 minute film with their answers. It's worked really well with a music track underneath and they enjoy watching themselves on camera! If not you could always do a post it note style question while the students are coming in and read out a few examples at this point.
  • Explain: We wait for so many different things, some are little things, some are bigger things that are more serious. Give an example of a time you had to wait for something, or suggest some of the things they may have had to wait for (e.g. for a bus, for a reply to a text message, for a baby brother or sister to arrive, for a weekend when they got to see their dad?). 
  • Before the first Christmas about 2000 years ago a group of people were also waiting for something big, they were waiting for God to show up. And not just show up, but to be hope...to be a light in the darkness and to reveal hope in their lives. 
  • When God showed up as a tiny baby, it was the end of waiting. It was arrival. Jesus grew to be a man that bought light into the world and hope in people's darkness. 
  • Give the students space to reflect on the question 'what are you waiting for?' Play them the video and leave a moment of silence for them to think about what they want to be waiting for this Christmas.  download waiting reflection (Quicktime file) Once you open the file you will need to hit the space bar to play the movie.