The Wrong Trainers

Posted on January 09, 2008 by Amy Tolmie


Using the voices of real young people, the films use animation and carton characters to tell their stories visually. The result is something the Aardman's Creature Comforts. There are five main stories, all of them involving young people talking about their experience. The animations enable the films to deal with very strong and disturbing stories without making an audience of young people too emotionally upset.

My favourite is Dillon's story, but all are very watchable. The films last three or four minutes and the site also has plenty of resources on child poverty. They're in 'Flash' format which means it's difficult to download them permanently and you'll need a live internet connection to play them.

These films would be a great addition to an assembly on poverty or could be used as part of an RE or PHSE lesson. They would also fit into a discussion about giving, serving, community or caring for others.

Here's the link again: The Wrong Trainers