Secondary Age Playing Cards

Posted on December 03, 2009 by Amy Tolmie

52 questions
4 themes
1 pack of cards

These playing cards came out of a situation with a young person who would only ever open up in a mentoring situation when there was a card game involved. It seemed obvious that to put questions onto the playing cards would be a perfect solution for this particular young person to open up about different areas of her life, and so this is our way of passing on an idea that has worked in lots of different settings in schools including:

• Group work
• Mentoring sessions
• Card tricks to use in the playground/dining hall
• Card games in a lunchtime or after school club
• If you need to fill a few minutes at the end of a lesson you're taking, have some cards with you and divide up some appropriate questions between the students for them to discuss in groups

In all of these settings and more, discussion naturally flows from the questions that appear, whether it's through a favourite card game, a trick, or just taking a card from the pack and seeing what happens. The questions are divided into four categories which correspond with the four different playing card suits:
DIAMONDS: questions about you
SPADES: questions about others
HEARTS: questions about the world
CLUBS: questions about beliefs.
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