Primary Age Playing Cards

Posted on November 23, 2010 by Amy Tolmie

The new playing cards contain 52 brand new questions, and are geared towards the 7-13 yr old age group. This means they are suitable for use with the primary age group, middle schools and also in secondary schools with lower ability students.

Differences between these cards and the original orange cards include:

- Completely new questions
- Simpler language
- Larger font, making the questions easier to read

However, they still maintain the principle of using questions to open up conversation with humour and depth. The four suits also use the four different types of questions as the secondary ones do:

DIAMONDS: questions about you (e.g. identity)
SPADES: questions about others (e.g. friendships)
HEARTS: questions about the world (e.g. the environment, the world around us)
CLUBS: questions about beliefs (e.g. prayer, why we believe things - suitable for any age group and for those from any faith and none)

Here's a quote from Lat Blaylock from RE Today talking about the cards:

You've got to have these cards: a playful approach to being spiritual. 52 little pieces of thoughtfulness in fours suits. Just what I expect from schoolswork: profound, and profoundly simple, fun, and funnily powerful. Get some.

To purchase the cards, please visit our page on the Youthscape store here.