Domesticated Jesus

Posted on May 21, 2008 by Amy Tolmie

Maybe it's a clip to use in an RE lesson, a discussion with those you work with on team or to challenge Christian young people you work with. I think it would be fantastic with an A level group, maybe set up a debate about the religion we see in those around us/preachers/members of faith communities being a fair and authentic representation of the central message of the faith they are subscribing to. Ask them what they think an interpretation of the message of Jesus would look like in today's world.

A bit about the book, Brian writes: "It asks two essential questions: What are the world's top crises, and what do the life and message of Jesus say to those global crises? I spent a few years researching the global crisis literature and tried to synthesize the best thinking on the subject. I developed a metaphor to help people understand global crises - a machine with four moving parts, corresponding to the four critical crises that create so much human suffering. Meanwhile,

I was studying the gospels in a concentrated way, seeking to understand how Jesus' original hearers would have heard and understood his message of the kingdom of God.
The two pursuits enriched each other in ways that I will probably never fully be able to communicate. This book is by far my most ambitious project yet, and I can't imagine ever writing anything that is more important and urgent."

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