Chasing God

Posted on January 12, 2008 by Amy Tolmie

The hook is that it's narrated by the comedian Dawn French. The intro on the Teachers TV site says:
"Narrated by award-winning comedian Dawn French, this programme tackles the eternal question of why so many humans believe in a higher power. Humanity is being threatened, especially by war, and in times of extreme upheaval, many people seek solace in a higher power. Could they be wrong? And if they're right, who is this higher power? Chasing God takes us on an enlightening journey to: the Vatican and the Ganges; the Wailing Wall and the Dome of the Rock Mosque; and the Golden Temple and the Dalai Lama Temple in the Himalayas."

The video can be downloaded and then show in full or as excerpts. At 60 minutes it may be too much to show in full - and it may be too wide-rangning for a lesson from a speicfically Christian perspective. However there are some excellent sections that could be used in a lesson on 'Is there a God' including the main introduction to this question at the start of the video prior to the main title appearing.