Can through the hole

Posted on January 25, 2008 by Amy Tolmie

So now you have a sheet of card/wood with a hole in, and a can. You're ready! The challenge you'll give students is to get the can through the hole. Sounds simple right? And it's certainly possible - you can show everyone that by passing the can through. But the snag is the student has to put their hand through the hole and then take hold of the can. Their other hand can be used to steady the sheet, but can't do anything else to help. The challenge is to get their hand back out through the hole without letting go of the can. Sounds easy? It isn't. If they do it, they get the can (but they won't).

On it's own this is just a bot of fun, but there are links to some obvious themes, like persistence or greed. The more adventurous of you can put a £5 note folded under the ring pull as part of the prize. It'll make them try harder, but it's still pretty impossible to do!