Guidelines for Religious Believers Visiting Schools

Posted on October 12, 2016 by Amy Tolmie
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Developed by NATRE (the National Association of Teachers for RE), this booklet helps inform Christian visitors to schools.

The booklet covers:

  • Principles and good practice
  • Schools' responsibilities
  • Audiences and appropriateness
  • Issues for discussion

Here is an extract from part of the booklet:

The Code of Conduct

Religious visitors taking part in the life of a school should:
• be willing to share their own experiences, beliefs and insights, but
avoid (1) criticising the experience and insights of others and (2)
imposing their views upon pupils in any way;
• be familiar with the school’s aims, ethos and policies, and plan their
involvement in the light of the aims and curriculum at the school;1
• seek to use engaging teaching and learning methods that involve the
pupils actively, and to communicate at appropriate levels for the agegroup(s)
• make clear to pupils who they are, who they represent, and what their
aims are;
• be willing to respect and value the faith of the pupils and adults in the
school when it is different from their own;
• develop ways of speaking to pupils that communicate their open
approach, avoiding any hidden agenda to ‘convert’ or proselytise.
A key question to help visitors reflect on their approach:
If a member of another religion visited my child’s school and contributed
in the same way that I have done, would I, as a parent, be happy with the
education given?

Download the guidelines here.