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Posted on January 12, 2017 by Amy Tolmie
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A quick blog post from us to flag up some new things you may want to be aware of this week:


Next week is the Presidential Inauguration in the US. You may be taking assemblies and if you're still looking for material for any day next week, schools worker Nigel Argall has written an assembly on this topic and has very kindly shared the plan and powerpoint with us. You can find the assembly and download here, and we recommend this can be used with any year group in a Secondary School or Sixth Form College. You can adapt the material and simplify language if you want to use the assembly in a primary school. 


The brilliant Festive (FE and Sixth Form initiative), have come up with a January - March programme plan calendar for Christian Unions. Designed for use with 16-19 year olds, can be adapted for other year groups. Do check out what Festive do, and look for the 'Jan-March Programme Ideas' download on their homepage


Our friends at TLG have developed a new DVD resource for parents of school aged children. You might find this helpful to recommend to parents who have children just starting school or are experiencing difficulties. We all know that children and young people have a better time at school when supported well by their families, so here is one way that we can help that journey. TLG are looking for churches to run this programme in their communities, so if you know lots of parents who would benefit from this, definitely check out their stuff here and see what they have to offer. 

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Inauguration Assembly

January 12, 2017 by Amy Tolmie

Here are some new resources you may find helpful. The US Inauguration assembly is designed for use between 16 - 20th January, and the CU resource is designed for January - March. 

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