Happy Christmas!

Posted on December 21, 2016 by Amy Tolmie

The final bell of the term has rung, students have rushed out of school with a hurried excitement, wrapping paper and tinsel lies scattered around corridors... Christmas holidays are finally here!

Well done for getting to the end of a long term. Like teachers, there can be a sense of relief for schools workers when that final bell rings. The long days leading to this point have probably been full of Christmas assemblies, programmes and activities. However, it can also be a point where we anxiously bid farewell to students we know won't be rushing out to celebrate with family around them this Christmas or those who feel unsafe at home for prolonged periods of time. Our work in schools means we get the privilege of working alongside a huge variety of children and young people from all beliefs and backgrounds, and it is this opportunity that I would like to stop and recognise and give thanks for at the end of this first term of the year...

For the children and young people we have met in schools this term, we give thanks

For the stories of transformation and positive choices students are making, we give thanks

For the staff who work tirelessly for the good of the students, with very little acknowledgement or recognition, we give thanks

For the partnerships and new programmes and ideas established this term, we give thanks

For schools workers and youth workers who have got out of their comfort zones this term and tried new things in schools, learning new skills and making a difference however they can, we thank you. You really do make a difference by being in schools, by turning up and by being a consistent and reliable presence for children and young people who depend on you being there. Thank you for all you do. We hope you have a good break over Christmas, with time to stop and refresh and space to connect with the story of Christmas in your own life. 

Happy Christmas!

Love from the SchoolsworkUK team xx