True Tube

Posted on March 20, 2008 by Amy Tolmie

Over 1.5 million young people have visited the site in the last 9 months, it won an award at the Education Resources Awards at the beginning of this month. 'Truetube provides a safe, pre-moderated platform for 12-25 year olds to use the internet and advances in streaming video technology, to encourage them to think, discuss and engage with moral and ethical issues that matter for this generation, inspiring them to become involved in changing the world that we all inhabit for the better.'

Current issues that are being discussed include poverty, race & culture, music, environment and prison. One of the aims of the site is for increased awareness of spiritual, moral, ethical, social, cultural, environmental and European issues. Access the teacher's page to read about teaching resources for the classroom. This is definitely worth checking out, it has resource ideas for English, Citizenship and RE (including vox pops and other useful vids!).

Access Truetube here.