schoolsworkUK is a collaboration of schools and youth workers across the UK who regularly step into the world of education to offer their services and support. With the role of faith and spirituality in education changing, schoolsworkUK is passionate about facilitating a new and dynamic response to these challenges, developing and deepening the skills of Christians visiting schools, and fostering a new vision for the church’s contribution to education.

We launched in November 2007, but the real story began several years earlier. A group of youth and schools workers met for a conference in 2006 organised by Youthscape (formely The Luton Churches Education Trust). From that conference, it became clear that not only were there a lot of Christian visiting schools, but that we shared a lot of the same challenges as well as opportunities. An idea began to form to find a way to connect us all, and to continue this conversation.

schoolsworkUK was the result, and not only is it continuing that conversation through the website, and developing new and ground breaking resources, it is also about continuing to explore new and innovative training models for Christians working in schools.