World Changers

Posted on October 23, 2014 by Amy Tolmie
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When I was a teenager my church ran a holiday club for primary aged kids several years on the trot called 'Worldchangers'. Even then this idea grabbed me, I wanted to change the world at 13! Over 20 years later and I still do. More than 20 years of living my life, that spans a crazy number of changes: lots of studying; teacher training; teaching teenagers; getting married; having kids; becoming a grown up! No-one really warns you that the passion you have a teenager can get buried under life stuff.

One of the reasons I love to work with young people in keeping that passion alive; one of the reasons I love to do schools work and enable others doing schools work to do it well is that our schools are where we find our world changers! This week I went to the graduation ceremony for CYM. As we had students graduating from the Enable course so it was incredibly exciting for us. There were 5 of ours there, along with around 200 others collecting their various awards for which they had worked incredibly hard. As each student crossed the platform to have their hand shaken and receive their certificates we were told not only their name but also where they had done their placements and what they were doing now. There was an amazing variety of work mentioned: youth offending teams; youth work projects; churches; council based youth work; many different areas of the country represented also and it struck me: these guys are all world changers. Each time they give their time and attention to a young person, child or vulnerable person in need they change the world. In fact we all do, each time we go into school to support children or young people, every time we show them love, care and attention we change their world.

Me? I get to change the world each time I smile at a stranger, tell my kids I love them, buy a Big Issue or give something away to someone who needs it more than me.

I change the world by encouraging those of you who volunteer in schools to come on the Enable course and have your world stretched, challenged and ultimately changed, and get qualified too!

So how about it? Want to be a world changer? Apply for the Enable course here.

This is the prayer we were all encouraged to pray as supporters of those graduating yesterday:

We pray for those who are graduating to new areas of service and life:

Be their strength through coming changes
Be their inspiration as they begin new tasks
Be their wisdom as they encounter new questions
Be their light as they seek to be light
Be their vision as they serve young people
Be their future as they journey with you