Working with Young People in Care

Posted on September 05, 2014 by Amy Tolmie

Being in care is different... weird... a relief... scary... the worst thing... the best experience... it's all of these and more. It can save a life or screw it up. Nearly 70,000 children and young people are in care in England, each with their own story and experiences.

That's why youth workers need to understand what it means for young people to be taken into care - how it challenges and changes their perception of self and others - and how your support in youth groups and through special projects can make a difference.

LCET, Youthscape's local work in Luton, has a decade of experience running projects with young people in care - from listening and mentoring, to art programmes and more ambitious projects to help young people transition out of care. In this training day you'll hear from experienced workers and from young people in care themselves. You'll learn about the practical and legal processes of the care system, and the emotional and social challenges of being in care. Most importantly, you'll hear practical ways you can cater for young people in care in your existing work - and how you can develop new projects in conjunction with schools and other agencies.

Book online for just £10, including lunch here.

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