Why Enable? By Lou Funnell

Posted on November 12, 2014 by Amy Tolmie

I'll be honest... My first thought when I saw the Enable course was, 'What is the point? I've been doing this work since 2006, surely I know all there is to know about young people and schools.' However a niggling thought began to work its way through my mind. I tried to suppress it as nonsense but it reappeared with more vigour: maybe I don't know EVERYTHING, maybe this could grow me, even challenge me, inspire me, deal with my strikingly obvious pride issue!

So I got on board.

I wasn't expecting what I received. Firstly, the company: I found myself very early on looking forward to our teaching days, to sharing ideas, to hearing testimonies and challenging each other's perspectives. I work in a team of 1 so to be with others regularly was good for my soul.

Secondly, using my brain in a new way. I loved how the course challenged me to think critically and to develop new ways of delivery as well as materials and resources; it has motivated me to develop skills that have lain dormant for a few years and challenged me to grow in this ministry; it has also encouraged me to understand my own job and the educational environment I work in.

Finally, and for me where the course became immensely significant, was how it affected our Trust. Near to the end of the course I was able meet with our Trustees and lead a vision day. Using what I had learnt on the Enable course, we put into words our direction for the next few years. This has enabled us to think strategically about where we spend time and money and in how we communicate both to churches and to the schools we resource. Through this our website has changed, along with the wording of our vision and potentially our logo. This is all work in progress but has encouraged us to move forward as a Trust.

Thank you Enable
Sincerely, Lou