When they leave...

Posted on May 17, 2012 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Secondary, 16-19s, Young Leaders,

The balance of connection and responsibility for schools workers is an interesting tension. With your connection contextualised by the school, there is less freedom to take responsibility for those young people in a wider context. At the same time, many schools workers are the only Christian connection with the young people they work with. This provokes, perhaps, a greater sense of responsibility towards those young people's spirituality.

This dichotomy, of less contact but significant connection, is an interesting factor in attitudes towards their transition away from school into adult life. Does having your connection with young people restricted to a school context mean that a vision for what comes next is off the schools worker's radar? Or rather, does the significance of sometimes being that young person's only Christian role model drive you to help them seek a Christian connection once they've left?

73% of Christian university students aren't involved in any Christian activity (including church). With even Christians disconnecting, it is a concern how many interested but not yet committed young people in schools will not seek a Christian connection once at university. The same question resonates for those going into the workplace.

Student Linkup connects students to churches and Christian freshers in their university towns. It is an opportunity to offer your young people a connection that will not depend solely on their efforts, and will welcome them into a new Christian community as they leave home and school. Fusion also produce preparation for university resources which help you prepare those you work with for the challenges and opportunities of university life. For more information check out www.studentlinkup.org.