The Flipside

Posted on November 05, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
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Malorie Blackman is a fantastic writer for children and young people, tackling hard topics in a way her readers can relate to.

Staying topical with the success of Obama becoming the 'first black president' ( a little toooo much emphasis on colour...and he is only half black?!) a great discussion started can be stimulated using Blackman's trilogy 'Noughts and Crosses'.

The books are about a world where race is flipped, white people are those who had the history of slavery and fighting for justice, black people are in control of the majority of power.

It's a really good place to start and it makes you realise how much race is played on in society today, and how stupid it really is. A heart wrenching trilogy which engages the reader, I would really recommend the books to older readers (please be aware that some of the subjects within the book are pretty shocking and I'd read the books before deciding to share them with pupils under Yr 10).

Books are great, stories as we all know stimulate thought and discussion, evoke emotion and can open up new ideas.

Can be used in English, Geography, Citizenship, Economics.

Discussion/debate ideas - here's a few for starters
- why is there such a big deal made about Obama being the first black president?
(this will need background on the difference between race relations in the UK and US... think about how
recently in comparison black people got to vote, segragation stopped etc)l
- what if colour wasn't involved in policies?
- how do developed countries policies affect those in other countries?
- how colourblind are you?
- how much notice should the UK take of other countries poltics? Is it important?
- should we share the wealth or hoard it?
- what does the Bible say about all of the above?