Seven days until Imagine. Seven reasons to come.

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Amy Tolmie

Seven days until Imagine. Seven reasons to come*:

1. No planning necessary. You spend most of your time as a schools worker planning activities, lessons, assemblies, team programmes, lunch clubs, mentoring sessions, meetings... the list could go on! Would you like a day where the only thing you have to plan is your train ticket? Look no further than Imagine South. Come as an individual or with your team.

2. Jill Rowe. Jill is a gifted and wise lady who will be offering us both challenge and inspiration for what it looks like to be good news to schools this year. Hear a wonderfully provocative insight into education and what it means for us to be good news on many levels as we engage with our local schools this year.

3. Your only chance. We are sadly no longer able to run Imagine North in 2014. This may well change for 2015 onwards, so do {encode="" title="get in touch"} if you would like to see this come back. Therefore Imagine South is your only opportunity to meet up with schools workers at the very start of this new academic year from different areas, organisations and denominations.

4. Envisioned and energised. Would you like to start the new academic year with a fresh vision and new bundle of energy for your work in schools? Maybe you've been doing this a little while now and you know the drill… Maybe like some teachers this week you are not looking forward to the new term arriving. Perhaps you need to take a day to refresh your calling to this ministry and to hear again from God about why you are doing what you are doing. Chris Curtis will be leading a session in the afternoon bringing us back to the call God placed on our lives to engage with education and commissioning us to a new year of service.

5. Connections and contacts. We all know that once the new school year hits, a chance to step out and get a coffee with a friend/colleague/someone you want to chat to about schools ministry is a rare opportunity. We're giving you a day with schools workers from across the UK all in the same room to connect with, dream a little with and be inspired by.

6. Great food and coffee. This time you don't even have to plan what sandwiches to make for your packed lunch… Along with great coffee, tea of many flavours and munchies when you arrive, a buffet lunch will be provided for you. And not just any buffet lunch ;-). This is all included in the great price of just £20 per ticket for the whole day.

7. Location location location. We will be meeting at Central Baptist Church in Luton, which is just a 10 minute (max) walk from Luton train station, which is just a 24 minute train journey** from St Pancras International. Avoid any motorway/traffic stress on the first day of your new school year and look smug as you arrive on time for your free coffee and snacks :-).

So, you've got seven days until Imagine South. Seven reasons to come, why not just take seven minutes (or less) now to book!

Just in case you missed the links above: Click here to book your place now. We also offer a group ticket - book five places and get the sixth place free.

*There are of course more than seven reasons why coming to Imagine is a great idea... It just wouldn't have made such a great blog title! Add your own reasons in the comments below?!
**Look for quick trains from St Pancras to Luton (NOT Luton Airport Parkway)… they vary from 24 minute (East Midlands Trains) all the way through to 49 minute (First Capital Connect) stopping trains!