Secondary school asking for resources

Posted on November 29, 2007 by Amy Tolmie
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Below is a copy of a request a local secondary school sent me. As you can see they have some specific questions. In the brackets are some answers that have already been passed on. I was hoping if others could recommend some resources that they have used and seen work.

Can you do any of the following: -

. Good News Bibles - how to source them free (The Johnson Trust is a fantatsic trust that helps provide free Christian resources for schools, THE JERUSALEM TRUST RE RESOURCE GRANT SCHEME may be able to help as well)

. Information for AS/A2 on John's Gospel and how it can be used in a contemporary way

. Any Suitatable resoucres for:
- Year 8 - Study of Jesus ( could be useful, as is 'The Christ we share CMS - Pictures of Jesus)
- The Bible (Scripture Unions 'Into the Bible' could be used here even though aimed at KS 2 if an RE specialist had the time to adapt it abit)
- Christians Today (visits from local Christains, 'Salt of the Earth' by Walter Dirks)