Posted on November 09, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
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Your weekly round up of news from the world of education. Here are some of the headlines from the last week that caught my eye...


A pick from the news last week:

Creationism should be taught as science, say 29% of teachers: Twenty-nine per cent of teachers believe that creationism and intelligent design should be taught as science, according to an online survey of attitudes to teaching evolution in the UK. See more

That joke isn't funny any more: Sexual bullying in schools is so rife it is hardly noticed. Why, asks Rachel Bell, is it not taken seriously?. See more

Children as young as three suspended for assault: Government figures show 4,000 under-fives taken out of primary school. See more

Parents want children to get higher education they missed: Most parents who did not go to university after leaving school regret the decision later in life, a government survey shows.. See more

Academy expansion under threat: Camden case begins in high court as parents argue for open process. See more

Ministers change tack to improve poor primaries: Underperformers unlikely to be judged in the same way as National Challenge secondaries. See more

Also in the news:

It was reported in The Guardian that around 300,000 children in this country are growing up in households where one or both parents are addicted to drugs.