School caretakers!

Posted on December 18, 2007 by Lee Jackson
Categories: Secondary,

I asked a school caretaker a perfectly reasonable question about a job that needed doing to help us in our Christmas presentation yesterday (i.e. we needed to borrow a ladder to help us move the roof mounted LCD projector an inch so it hit the screen again!) and I got a five minute lecture about how he is too busy / not his job etc etc -in fact by the time he had explained he was too busy - we could have done the job :)

I am not moaning - honest!

And, yes we smiled sweetly and walked away without the job being done, but I realised again that it is the little conversations with caretakers, dinner ladies, bursars and receptionists that often are the most stressful and 'grace needed' situations we face in schools.

'more than my Jobsworth' type people are sometimes met in schools and personally thats where I need the most grace - young people are the easy bit!

Food for thought? Had a similar situation that you saw through in a good way? Share with us all...with grace :)