Posted on April 07, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
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The first is a DVD resource I first came across several years ago, called QUEST. It's a 7 session DVD series designed to engage youth in discussion of spiritual issues from a Christian perspective.

Quest is ground-breaking stuff. It will connect with students in a way unlike any other youth ministry video resource.

Mark Oestreicher, President, Youth Specialties

Each session is 35 minutes long and contains three discussion questions followed by street interviews with youth. Playback is then stopped to give the group a chance to discuss the question. QUEST has been described as multimedia church on steroids! It seeks to take the message of Christianity and present it in a relevant and creative way, can be adapted for use in RE, or ideal for after school clubs. It can be used in lunchtime groups but you will most definitely run into timing issues, unless you just want to use a very small segment. Read more about QUEST here.

The second is a brand new resource from the Frontier Youth Trust called Glimpses. The title is enough to whet your appetite. They describe it as: "A dynamic and exciting resource for youth workers, packed full of creative ideas and reflections that will help them in their work. The resource comprises of five sections: Reflections provides a series of visual images to engage with and reflect upon. Atmospheres explores the power and importance of environments and Essences tries to get to the heart of what is meant by spirituality and spiritual development. Stations provides a range of some 30 practical tools to aid exploration and engagement, whilst Breaths is packed full of miscellaneous ideas and resources. All this and a DVD full of images, music and video clips to use with the resource." At just £12 this seems like a really good value resource. Check out more here.