Q&A lesson

Posted on March 09, 2012 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Secondary, 16-19s, SEN, Young Leaders,

I recently have been doing a series of Q&A lessons with year 10 Philosophy and Ethics students. I found some of the questions really interesting, especially in a school environment, and wondered how people would have answered.
Here are a few of the questions:

"My gran has dementia and I recently visited her in hospital. When I arrived she was talking to someone and looked like she was looking someone straight in the eye but there was no one there. Could this have been God or an angel?"

"You talk about your experiences of God but what do you think about people of other religions that talk about their own experiences of god?"

"What am I going to look like in heaven?"

It would be interesting to hear how people would go about answering these questions.