Puma/Adidas Friendship Assembly

Posted on November 12, 2007 by Tony Buck
Categories: Secondary,

The story of 2 brothers. Rudolph & Adolf Dassler grew up in a small town in Bavaria, Germany. When they left school they went to work for their Father who was a cobbler. During WWII the brothers had a fall out. Noboby knows why, but the fall out was so bad that they never talked to each other again, infact it was so bad that Rudolph refused to go back to work under the same roof as his brother. He decided he would use his experience to start his own business at the other side of the river that ran through the centre of their town. A couple of years later their father retired and handed over the running of the business to Adolf - he re-named the business 'adidas' whilst Rudolph's set up became known as 'puma'. Sadly the brothers never settled their differences and took their feud to the grave - this is demonstrated by the fact that their graves are as far apart as possible in the cemetry that the brothers are buried in. An even sadder part of the story is that the whole town became divided by the fallout. There were adidas/puma restaurants and shops, gangs in the schools and imagine checking out someone's footwear to decide whether or not you should speak to them!

I have a PowerPoint presentation that goes with this story and guides you in a time of reflection as well as using a relevant bible verse. I'll try and get the PowerPoint uploaded asap.