Pray for Schools Fortnight

Posted on May 23, 2018 by David Walford

This year, ‘Pray for Schools’ have been working with ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, a global prayer movement, to bring together everyone in your local area who cares about schools and those who are in them. This is a great chance to connect with other educators, practitioners, parents and teachers who want to pray into the schools in your area, not to mention other churches. I encourage you to take time to dream, to listen and to strategise around what God is saying for your community at this specific time.


The ‘Pray for Schools’ website suggest that you create a hub or an event which you can register on their website, meaning that others can find out about it and join in. They have plenty of resources and ideas and suggestions for what to do across the fortnight, so definitely check it out. At Youthscape, we have had prayer stations up for two days in one of the rooms in our building, meaning that staff have been able to pause, pray and engage with schools work on a more intentional level in the office. So, I thought I’d share a few of the different areas and ideas that we are did as part of this fortnight at Youthscape.


  • Thank you:
 God is definitely at work across the schools in our country, and it would be great to encourage everyone at the beginning with stories from young people, teachers and your own stories. If you don’t have any of your own, this is great chance to get inspired by hearing what other local areas/organisations/churches are doing.
  • Now:
 It would be great to paint a picture over what projects are going on this term within the area, and to devote some time to praying about the short term and specific current prayer points for each project.
  • Future:
 Take time to dream big! Pray for the big picture, the long game, help each other to get inspired. Schools have the opportunity to change young people’s lives, both for the better, and we get to play a part in making that happen.
  • SACRE:
 Your local Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) help decide what the RE curriculum for schools will be. It’s made up of people from all different faiths, the local authority and members of schools. It is a difficult process of deciding what is and isn’t in the curriculum and has great interfaith opportunities as well. Pray for wisdom and strategy as they undertake these processes.
  • Young People: 
Exam season is already upon us and everyone from six-year-olds up to eighteen-year-olds are taking test after test. On top of all the other pressures that adolescence presents, they are entering into exam halls sometimes feeling that this is the most important period of their life that could make or break their future.
  • Teachers and Schools workers:
 Last but definitely not least, those who are going in and delivering the content in schools. I’m sure you know exactly what you need prayer for, but some more general points could be around gaining deeper and better relationships in schools, both with teachers and young people.

These are just a few things to be praying about, and there are so many other areas that you could cover, such as relationships and sex education or PSHE. We would love to hear about (and see any pictures of) what you are doing in your own areas, so do get in touch or comment below!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


  • Kayla

    I will help my church in meetings to futher help the youth