Our Prayer for Your Office

Posted on September 03, 2018 by David Walford

The new year is upon us! After a summer holiday that is often packed for both young people and adults associated with them alike, you’re back in the office. After getting new stationary (if you enjoy that sort of thing), organising programmes and setting the alarm clock for an early start; it can be easy to be swept up with the excitement and chaos.


This is here to help us to re-centre our focus and start the year off the way we want to carry on: with prayer. We’ve written a prayer that is our heart for this year, fully believing that doing what we do with God is the only way that we will see God’s will done in the lives of young people across the country. We based this prayer loosely on the first four verses within Isaiah 61, but feel free to write your own. As our title suggests, one idea from us is that whatever your prayer is for your work this year is to make it so you can see it regularly, not only as a reminder for why you do what you do, but also for who we do it for. 

(We’d also love to hear/see what your prayers are – please email me at david.walford@youthscape.co.uk)


So grab a cup of tea, get comfy and join us as we pray for this coming year.



Our Prayer for Your Office (based on Isaiah 61:1-4)



We ask that your kingdom would come this year in our schools, in our towns and in the lives of our young people.

That this year, we would see more of your reign than ever before.

We know that you have come to proclaim good news,

The good news that there is restoration, hope, freedom,

That life does not have to be as it is, and we pray that those we encounter would meet you in some way and know the full extent and outworking of the gospel in their everyday lives.


This year we long for restoration for young people:

Restoration from the lies that they have been told, the deceit they have been sold

That they are not worthy, not enough,

Or that they are worth only what grade they get at the end of the year,

That affirmation and love depends on the clothes they wear, rather than the intrinsic value that you have placed on them.


We ask that this year there would be freedom:

Freedom from the labels they have put on themselves, as well as the words from others that have been etched into their heart.

Freedom from addictions, from the chains that they are bound in – both the seen and the unseen.

Freedom from the things that they are captive to,

Bad physical and mental health, social media obligations, hyper-connectivity and the media.

Freedom from that which imprisons and cripples them – the stress and pressure to succeed, structural injustices, prejudice and discrimination.


We pray that there would be hope:

That in this current political climate of doom and instability,

Young people would be more grounded than ever,

That they would shame our generation for the way that they believe in each other,

By the way they look after the planet, by the way they look after each other,

By the way they see similarities rather than differences,

We ask that there would be hope of second chances,

Of forgiveness, of reconciliation, of equality.


Help us to as youth workers, chaplains, mentors, volunteers, to play our part in your plan, Father.

To bind up the broken and the broken-hearted wherever we go,

To carry peace where there is conflict,

To be love where there is hatred,

To choose joy where there is despair.

To see where you are moving, to see where you are working,

To trust you in not just our words, but our actions.

To be the ambassadors of your kingdom so that more and more,

This year, your Kingdom would come.

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