Olympics Resources

Posted on June 28, 2012 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Primary, Secondary, 16-19s, SEN, Young Leaders,

Compiled here for you is a starting list of recommended resources and websites that will be useful for work in schools in the run up to the Olympics.

A good list of assembly resources from the BBC here.

The Guardian has some useful links for a variety of ages, including lessons games and assemblies. SImply sign up for free to their Guardian Teacher Network (you can sign up through Facebook/Twitter as well as email).

'TEAM TALK' is a DVD resource from Scripture Union including five presentations for key stage 2 assemblies. It includes five athletes sharing their sporting experiences and how Jesus makes a difference in their lives. You can access the films as downloadable files here.

'DECATHLON' is another resource from Scripture Union, this time aimed at young people in a variety of settings. This is what they say: "Many young people love sport and it's a great way to open up the gospel with young people from outside a church community. Decathlon helps you do just that! Using games derived from ten different sports, Decathlon takes young people through some of the essentials of the Christian faith, such as who God is, God's grace and the freedom offered by Jesus. Each session of Decathlon provides material to use in an assembly, a youth group setting or a longer holiday-time programme."
Find out more here.

The BRF have published a holiday club resource called CHAMPIONS. Access an off the peg, easy to run week of activities designed for 5-11s around the Olympic theme here. The resource looks at 5 'D's': Direction, Distraction, Dedication, Determination and Decoration. I would imagine these are adaptable to any setting if holiday clubs are not so relevant for you.