Mission Impossible

Posted on March 18, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Secondary,

So if you've read Amy's post on Easter Assemblies you'll know we were looking at the concept of whether the idea of Jesus dying and rising again could really be possible, why we struggle to believe it and likewise whether the stories we tell ourselves about what is possible limit our experience of life and the world.

I set my assembly up with the classic 'can I fit one year 7 pupil through this index card' stunt. Thankfully our SEL lessons had seen me performing a trick that went wrong and thus the majority of my audience were all too keen to shout out that it was indeed impossible. So I duly pressed play on the Mission Impossible theme tune and set about cutting my 24 lines which would leave me with a nice loop of paper large enough to stretch over my especially selected, rather small, pupil.

Then the trouble started. I had underestimated how long it took to perform the trick and in trying to do big dramatic cutting to keep the audience captivated I managed to snip too far and then had to pretend I had created a successful loop, holding the ends together whilst I demonstrated passing it over my volunteer. I was getting away with this when disaster struck and the whole thing ripped. Unprecedented in my 8 previous attempts!

So my whole intro about the impossible being possible was severely undermined! However, it did give us all a good laugh and year 7 were gracious enough to concede that it did partially work and therefore wasn't TOTALLY impossible. As I had based my wrap-up on this comparison too, I had to do some hasty talking to ensure they weren't left thinking that it was unlikely, if not totally impossible, that Jesus performed the greatest miracle of all time, in the resurrection.

Not exactly what I hoped for but I did an ok rescue job and the pupils got a good chance to think about the impossible in their own lives and whether it was just their opinion holding them back and whether change was actually possible. The year head said it was really good, so perhaps it was one of those that felt worse than it was. It has left me feeling that it's sometimes a good job that God works inspite of us!