Marriage...something to do when you get bored?

Posted on October 21, 2011 by Amy Tolmie
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"It's a beautiful night, We're looking for something dumb to do, Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you"

Good enough??? NO!!! It's certainly not anywhere near good enough, but what ideas are we (and more importantly our young people) absorbing without intending to...?

I was happily singing along to Bruno Mars in the office today when a colleague kindly pointed out the lyrics to me and I looked them up and was really disappointed in what I found. I'm not a huge Mars fan, but do enjoy singing along to a few of his song - and actually - some do carry great messages (e.g. "Just the way you are"). But does that mean we can accept the bad with the good?

I'm a big believer in song lyrics helping us learn things. A lot of my scriptural knowledge comes from my Salvation Army upbringing and learning hymns + songs based on Biblical passages. Music has power to captivate our emotions, to have us learning ideas and words and absorbing them without even thinking. Then one day something comes out of your mouth as you're singing and you realise you've just condoned getting married "cos it's something fun to do"...oh and a few lines later: "If we wake up and you, Wanna break up, that's cool, No, I won't blame you, It was fun, girl".
I know this is just a song, and I may come across as way too uptight in this blog, but it's a really sad message. Is this all Bruno Mars (and a growing number of younger people) think marriage is about??

Maybe we can have a role schools workers, in helping shed some light on some of these lyrics and stop them from drip feeding into our young people's belief systems and instead allow them to question and form their own opinions. How about an assembly on relationships or PHSE lessons on values of marriage...let's get creative, cos if we don't we might just be making a big mistake.

Ok, rant over and Educating Essex is about to come on....go on, switch on C4, or if you read this later and have missed it, check it out here: