Leaving Care - understanding young the story

Posted on February 16, 2011 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Secondary, 16-19s, Young Leaders,

My mum used to work in residential care homes for children, I can remember running around 30 years ago playing with the children who lived there. I lived with my mum and dad, they lived there, but there home just felt visiting another family.

Then almost 20 years ago, my mum wanted to foster my friend, but couldn't - wrong colour skin, and awareness of my friends culture (same as my dad's) didn't count.

And me, I've worked with care experienced young people, and have been researching care for the last couple of years. So it's good to read something authentic that care experienced teenagers can relate to too.

To me, I've been aware of homes and fostering and stuff that goes with it, but what about those for whom they want to know more about.

I've just read a book called 'Control Freak' by author Henrietta Bond.She's had a lot of experience with looked after young people as she used to be press officer for BAAF (Brtitish Association for Adoption and Fostering) and has worked with other big organsiations including A National Voice and the Fostering Network.

The book feels real. The way it's written sounds real. It sounds like bits of conversations I've had over the years with young people carving their way in the world. The capable ones, starting something new, but realising how many plans you have, things might not work out the way you thought they should.

I'd recommend it as a read, and the interview with care experienced young people talking to the author is worth listening to as well.

The book does have a recommendation for 13+ though, so be aware that it contains themes and scenes unsuitable for younger readers.

It's interesting and insightful into young lives.