Leave Us Kids Alone

Posted on January 07, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Secondary,

I've discovered the wonders of BBC iplayer, where you can access any programme shown on any BBC channel within the last 7 days and download it if you have Windows, or watch online.

I found this particular programme really interesting...12 teenagers (all sixth form age), were given the chance to create and run a 'school in the woods' for three weeks, on their own from scratch! All completely different personalities, some very confident of their roles before the children arrived, and some just not having a clue about what to expect. It was great to see some of them really enthusiastic and really passionate about their subject and making it relevant for the children, but as the reality of teaching hit them, they discovered how hard it was going to be. It's interesting listening to their critique of each other's progress, and how some of them had underestimated what would be expected of them. It's interesting to think about why they make the decisions they make - what's important to them, and I think there's a question for us about how much leadership we allow the young people we work with and finding new opportunities for them. There's two parts so check them out on BBC iplayer, and look out for anything else which you may think is relevant for us in schools work and report back!