Kick starting community action

Posted on May 21, 2009 by Amy Tolmie
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I love video, I'm a bit of an activist (somehow I've gained the nickname the fairtrade facist!) and I love working with young people and helping to faclitate them in projects that will help them grow. So after seeing a post on schoolswork last year about TrueTube, I contacted them and now am working for them. (I love!)

I've just started a new job and I'm well excited. I'm going to be heading up the TrueVan project so will be looking for community minded youth -groups and schools to get involved across England. Groups can collaborate for this project as long as they are in a local proximity to one another as the project is about community action. We only are able to visit places in England at the moment (the joys of funding!) but hopefully we'll be able to expand :)

The van is about getting young people moving from armchair to action and moving things forward in their local community. As well as looking for groups, I'm looking for young people to be involved in the steering group and volunteers to work across the whole project making films about what's going on. We are also looking for 30 filmmakers to get involved the whole process and will probably need them at different times between early July and late November for separate roles.

Filmmaking is just the start of the project, with young people encouraged to take their finished media products and use them in communication with local community leaders, MPs and policy makers. We want the voices of these young people to be heard. We need 10 young people from each group we are visiting to commit to carrying on engaging with their community - not just stopping once they've done their media project.

TrueTube uses the powerful medium of the web, and advances in streaming video technology to help young people think, speak out and act on important issues happening in the real world.

In order to maximise our impact we have created two offline projects to compliment the work of TrueTube. These youth led initiatives involve a range of real time events and issue driven projects designed to motivate and empower young people, including those who are hard to reach, to invest their time into community issues and take appropriate action.

1. TrueVan

A mobile video booth, internet provider and gaming station allowing disadvantaged young people access to online experiences and encouraging a new generation of responsible global citizens. This will visit 24 youth groups and schools across England during summer and autumn 2009.


6 highly interactive online and real-life events during which young people, experts, politicians, journalists and others explore a major issue facing young people and come up with solutions. These events will be designed and delivered by young people with the aim of encouraging post event community action.

(ii) Annual TrueVent
The TrueVents will feed into the Annual Event that will take place at the end of November 2009. This will be designed and delivered by the steering group and other young volunteers. High profile politicians, business people, activists, journalists, academics, union bosses, church leaders, community leaders, artists and young people will come together to discuss major issues affecting young people. The aim is to have 400-500 young people participate on location and up to 10,000 people online.

This project is funded by V and the Rank Foundation

We are only looking for people aged 16 – 25 to volunteer and for youthgroups to show their interest.

So this is an exciting project but also a little scary, if anyone has any ideas on postive partnerships with organisations or how to keep the momentum up...I'd be happy for your pointers!