Jesus and Music

Posted on July 03, 2008 by Matt Lilley
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Here's the lesson I taught to explore how Jesus is portrayed through music.

Play a short excerpt from track 4 different tracks (i used "a Male voice choir", a Matt Redman Track, A U2 Track and shackles by Mary Mary). Ask them which track do you think is played in church? Trying to draw out stereotypes. Then explain that each song is written to express feelings about faith.
Pose the question "Why Christians use music?"
- Worship
- Learn the bible
- To express worship together in unity

Super Hero
Draw a super hero on the board and ask the class what attributes someone needs to be a Super Hero. Then play the track Jesus Super Hero by Nigel Hemming (Great Big God 3). Draw out a class discussion about super heroes and why Christians might describe Jesus as a Super Hero, comparing the attributes on the board.

Jesus Walks
Give the class the lyrics to the song Jesus Walks by Kanye West (be careful to get the edited version) then listen to the track. Get them in to pairs or small groups and get them to answer these questions.
1. What is the writer trying to say?
2. How does the writer describe Jesus?
3. Who is the song written to?
4. Do you like the song? Why?
Play the track again. Draw out a class discussion to your discretion.

Sum up and recap lesson.