Howies is now a teenager

Posted on October 06, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Secondary, 16-19s,

The amazing clothing company Howies has just turned 13, and to celebrate they commissioned a coffee table book about being a teenager.

"Acne, bullying, peer pressure raging hormones, body issues, high-pressure marketing, Mosquito alarms, SATS, a hostile press and all that bloody global warming your parents caused... Who'd be a teenager these days? We went to find out."

In the wonderfully creative tradition of Howies clothing catalogues this coffee table book has great photos, and short beautiful, and thought provoking interviews with young people.
Get it and read it just to remind you of your own teenage years, and to be inspired yet again about who these people teenagers are.

It's much better in the physical, but you can get the tree (and time) saving digital copy here: