Posted on November 26, 2007 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Secondary,

It's a time of year when each form group spends much time and effort in preparing their box ready for presentation in the harvest assembly, full of gifts for the local homeless charity. It's a reminder for the students about being part of the local community and looking out for those who don't have as much as they do. The head of year also gives them a chance to think about poverty on a global scale, but this year I was reflecting on how I might be able to allow the students to connect personally with this idea of harvest and giving.

Harvest can be a time for thinking about giving thanks for what has been grown, for celebrating a good fruitful harvest, or for praying for a better one next year! Harvest itself may have little impact for many students, unless they are from farming communities or have connections to farming in some way, and it may be helpful to show them a different way of looking at this idea of a harvest festival. I was thinking about things growing and developing and the fact that this is such a relevant thing for young people. Therefore I am going to be thinking with the year 7s tomorrow about growth in their lives, and what they are responsible for growing. I'm going to ask them to think about friendships, learning, a sense of identity, their beliefs, even their faith. To ask at this early stage of their secondary school life, what is growing in them? What can they give thanks for? What do they want to continue to look after and see grow?

If it goes well I may upload my presentation to the Resource Toolkit.

I'm well aware harvest is long gone for most of you, but might inspire some thought for next september/october...a bit of forward planning is never a bad thing!