Growing healthy families

Posted on August 21, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
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The report found that a very high proportion of homeless people surveyed had a disruptive childhood, and suffered abuse and problematic relationships with their family and friends both now and in the past. Nearly 30 per cent were homeless before they were 18, some on more than one occasion. Those who had poor relationships with their parents were more likely to be have been homeless as children. Traumatic experiences and poor childhood relationships with parents are key. Poor relationships with one's father as a child were common among homeless people charged with criminal behaviour as an adult. A poor relationship with one's mother was linked specifically to antisocial behaviour throughout life.

The report offers us a real challenge in our schoolswork, how can we support young people with family life issues? What can we do to give back up to family workers and social service teams? And can we work as the wider church to better support families in our communities?