Going green

Posted on May 07, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
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On Monday I i got on the bus to central London to have a look around a market run by the Slow Food movement. I got myself some beautiful food and drink and found out some great information for a chapel service that I'll be running on saturday. We're doing a series called 'The Bigger Picture" which this week wil focus on what we as individuals can do to help improve the environment

anyway, enough waffling...it really made me think about how I can make a positive change to events that we run as an organisation and which companies we use - not only those with positive ethics who are concerned about their clients and workers, but also practical matters ...here are a couple of things that are pretty interesting - could be used for school fetes, youth events,enterprise weeks, fundraisers etc...

a really cool company that makes carrier bag alternatives - you can get your logos printed on (I'm thinking about running a logo design competition with logos to encourage green living)

the slow food movement is cool too - getting us to think about the opposite of fast food, recipe sharing and soul food stylee

polystyrene is wrong - i was very excited to see food trays made from palm leaves - very funky and would be good for food events. They are microwave safe too, so no worries about heating up snackage and nasties being released into your food as you do with plastic containers

this site is pure goodness but i'm loving the disposable starch cutlery and wooden cutlery. niceness

ok that'd my eco-rant over for today. watch out, more to come :)