God's world

Posted on January 08, 2008 by pete baker
Categories: Primary, Secondary, 16-19s, SEN,

The Pais Project is writing a series of workshops that will culminate in a 'wild place excursion' where pupils will discover, share, conserve and share their experiences of the wild life they encounter. Their work will gain a certificate with the John Muir Award - a conservationist trust setup to encourage school pupils to be proactive in their care for the environment. Although the John Muir Trust isn't specifically Christian, I believe that their aims are also concerns for the God of the Bible.

Our aim is to provide schools with: a workshop that will teach them about the God who we believe created the world that we share with love and design; then a trip to discover a wild place that will lead to various campaigns to protect, conserve, share and create wild places in urban places; Assemblies on recycling, gardening projects and litter picking on the schools campus.

we hope to achieve the following:

[1] teach children about the God of creation
[2] demonstrate practical day to day ways that a child can participate in helping to create a better world
[3] help pupils [especially those in urban areas] discover the wonder of God's creation
[4] give schools a way of developing their environmental agenda

What do you think? waste of time, missing the point, creating ways of joining the voice on big issues, fulfilling the heart of God?