Global lesson breaks world records!

Posted on May 01, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
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At 9am (in three different time zones!) on the 23rd April the World's Biggest Lesson took part. As well as thousands of children, actors, musicians and politicians went back to school to learn why so many children are missing out on education. Around the world a massive 7.5 million took part, with an estimated 250,000 participants in the UK. This beats the previous record by several million but is still awaiting final confirmation from Guinness World Records.

The campaign had some incredible participants...

* Grammy award-winning artist Shakira will appear alongside students on Capitol Hill in Washington to lend her support to the campaign. On Monday 21 April Shakira was to hold a telephone conference with Gordon Brown to discuss the global education crisis.
* Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel was to receive her school report card marking her grades on providing Education for All
* In Cambodia, King Sihamoni was to take part in the World's Biggest Lesson and be taught by children who've been excluded from education and adult learners
* Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai was also expected to take part at Isteqlal High School in Kabul
* In Kenya, the World's Biggest Lesson was taking place in a Nairobi slum and will focus on how to address the needs of those who've been excluded from school following the recent violence
* In Mozambique, 'Major Aula' (the World's Biggest Lesson) was taking place in schools nationwide, and for some pupils it will be their first chance to sit in class, having previously been excluded because of a disability or being orphaned.

This is an incredible achievement but I also really love the fact that their campaigns are so user friendly,they have some amazing resources, worksheets, stickers and dvd's. It formed a great basis for a social justice lunch club I ran with some year 7's last year and there's always an interesting new take. Find out more at