Extended Schools

Posted on March 28, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Primary, Secondary,

British Youth for Christ have come up with an excellent resource called The Crux. Visit their website here. The format is an after school club (though it can be adapted for use in lunch times or even the classroom) and is intended to run for at least one hour after school, everyday of the school year. Obviously, this is a big task, so all of the sessions have been prepared by subject specialists and experienced youth workers, making it easier for those delivering the material in schools.

The Crux has been split up into five streams, the idea being that one stream takes place each day of the week. The streams are Technology, Sports, Creative Arts, Current Affairs and Spirituality.

All schools will be required to provide Extended Schools by 2010 and the philosophy behind this vision is the need to turn the school into the heart of its community. Youth for Christ is just one organisation who believes that the church has its place at the heart of a school that lies at the heart of community.

Does anyone know of further resources or have experience to share?