Posted on November 03, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Secondary, 16-19s,

At the heart of 'Examattack' is to put exams in perspective: 'Give of your best - Achieve your potential' is the thrust and I tell some stories (true, exaggerated, serious and humorous). I go through some helpful hints - most of which are self explanatory and the stories help. I guess the reason for the schools inviting me in is I come not as a teacher but a visitor. This helps and compliments / reinforces other bits they hear from school and home but from someone whose not directly involved. A few years back someone at church, Ben Rolfe, put it on the web for others to read, listen and view the talk.

I talk about 3 p's working together.(Parents - Pupils - Professionals in Partnership). Some more p's like Pray - Plan - Perfom (the prayer is interesting and does not prevent teachers asking me to come in)

Last week an Oftsed survey of 150,000 ten-15 year olds found worries about exams (57%) the number one concern. Followed by worries about the future (49%), worries about the body (32%), worries about bullying (27%)


I trust 'Examattack' might be of some use for maybe those in your church facing exams. I first started doing this for church youthgroup and then it spread into their schools. I'm doing some presentations over the coming weeks if you are local and wanted to observe - you'd be welcome. Have a look and pass on if you think those in your locality might find it helpful.

Have a good day and term ahead.

Wayne Dixon