Equipping you

Posted on June 08, 2015 by Amy Tolmie

Inspiration, creativity, vision, brilliance, muse: all things many of us would like to be, to have, to display in our everyday lives. No? Just me then!

At schoolsworkUK we regularly come across people working with young people and children who are brilliantly creative, inventive and amazing at their jobs, some of these are people for whom the process is a natural one, others for whom it doesn't come without hard graft!

We want to inspire brilliance and vision for your work, in your town, in your schools. We recognise that you're doing a great job! And want to encourage you in that as well as drawing you on to do more, better, different.

The Enable course will equip you, as a volunteer schoolsworker who supports a local school by visiting regularly to run RE lessons; Prayer Spaces; mentoring sessions; collective worship; after-school or lunchtime clubs; plus anything else the school may need you to do. We want to ensure you are equipped to do this in the best way, to give you an opportunity to reflect on the work that you do, to delve deeper into the underpinning of your work, to understand children and young people better, to gain a professional qualification in the work you are doing.

The great news is that Enable has 4 delivery centres running in the new academic year: York, Luton, Portsmouth and Bexleyheath. To find out more detail please go here, and if you have any more questions get in touch with jenni.osborn@schoolswork.co.uk

Get on board and get equipped!