Easter Cracked...

Posted on March 19, 2013 by Amy Tolmie
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Greetings and Good morning

Today we start our Easter presentations. We have a pray and run through this morning and then the first of 8 schools joining us at 1.00pm. I love these weeks I really do for 2 reasons:
1.) The IMPACT it has on staff and especially pupils (all schools coming were with us at Christmas so we are able to build on that and make numerous connections)
2.) The way it continues to grow and develop in many areas. We have around 15 visitors expected this week from Gerrards Cross, Paddington, High Wycombe and Beaconsfield interested in having a look with a view to them putting it on next time. Then others in Luton and Sheffield also interested and so we've encouraged them to go and see one more locally or check out a DVD.

All that is needed to run a single event are available as this saves re-inventing the wheel AND it's flexible so churches can do it in a way that suits them, their local school(s) etc.

There are places like Milton Keynes running this now with over 20 churches, 40 schools and 1700 pupils and then there is Stockport Baptist Church – who went to see one in Liverpool recently and are doing one presentation for one school of 20 pupils. Both are of value for those who.

In the 18 years since we did our first one in 1995 – it's been the most significant thing I have been involved with as a Scripture Union Schools Worker because of the 2 points above. Do check out this website and pass on to those you know who might be interested in this church-school link:


If you get Children's Work magazine there is a little piece in the April/May edition unpacking this and some other ideas that has been entitled 'Beyond the assembly'. Some GREAT stories and more in this relatively new mag if you've not yet seen it. I can recommend it and make know to those in your church working with children.

Have a good day and week ahead.