Do you Hear Me?

Posted on October 31, 2008 by Louise Funnell
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The whole idea was based on a 2Way road sign, the idea that we present a topic to them and then the talk back to us and tell us how they feel. WE split it into 2 sessions, the first on who am I and how can i change (if i want to) and then the second was what rules bind me to be someone, are they fair and then how do i respond to being told to keep these rules. it was interesting, we got some great feedback, i think possibly the material would work better with the year group in the second and third term rather than the first but we all learn! I think it would be interesting to do the project with yr 9 or 10 too. They were able to share back some comments, here are some

"like me like me like me like me like me like me" (etc)

"why do people sometimes stop talking to me for no reason and blank me out, it makes me feel really horrible"

"sometimes people walk off while i talk to them or don't really listen. it makes me feel invisible like i don't really matter"

"my dad died of cancer, i think thats the hardest thing i ever had to face"

"i wish you could wear what you wanted to wear and people wouldn't laugh if you got it wrong or looked different"

Quite a few of the teens i spoke to said adults just didn't even ask them how they felt, many were unable to express their thoughts about themselves because they haven't been taught to do so. however probably the saddest thing was the amount of teens who believed negative things about themselves, not said to them by peers but by teachers, parents etc...

One of the aims of the week was to bridge the gap between adults and teenagers and give them the idea that we as adults and as the church want to listen to them not tell them what to do! Anyway not sure why i'm writing this post, just thought i'd share some ideas!