Christmas Unwrapped

Posted on December 02, 2013 by Amy Tolmie
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Interested in connecting a local church with a local school(s) this Christmas? Well, many locations around the UK run Christmas Presentations IN church for local schools. I was first involved with this back in 1995 and in that time we have had approx. 10,000 pupils attend just one church, Slough Baptist. Last Christmas 3 Slough churches were involved for 20 schools and another 3 churches in Maidenhead for a further few schools. There are around 45 locations (Altrincham to Woodley: Gravesend to Glasgow) now involved with these presentations at Christmas & Easter for around 15,000 pupils every year. Most put it on for year 6 pupils. In my 25 years as a schools worker it has been the most significant thing I have been involved in. We've had numerous visitors come over the years to first have a look and then more importantly put it on in their church. It's flexible and varied and most of the work has already been done…which means you don't need to start from scratch should you want to explore this further. Just TODAY I received an e-mail from a year 12 pupil reflecting on her visit 6 years ago and what a positive impression it made then and still today. This is not uncommon. See below for a selection of comments we had from staff after our presentations last Christmas. Want to know more? Give us a call Wayne Dixon 01753 523058. E-mail me Check out the website. or

Come and visit us (if you are local 25-29 November we could have upto 10 presentations 10.00-11.30am or 1.00-2.30pm). Further away – there is likely to be one near you should you want to go and visit. In recent years we have had people visit from places including Guildford, Maidenhead, Holmer Green, Langley and Paddington. All have then gone on to do their own or are planning something this Christmas. Very encouraging and exciting.

Staff feedback from last Christmas:


Absolutely brilliant! This was amazing
– a really cool way of communicating the Christmas story to kids of this age. This should be rolled out throughout the UK”
“ It was great to see all the children interested and involved in your presentation. You've 'connected' –which is fundamental before telling your Christmas story. It was fun (for all of us) – and helps us as teachers to build-on your good work”
“ I think it was a most enjoyable afternoon, so many kids don't understand or know the true meaning of Christmas (it's all about presents to most) so it Is great to make them aware in such a great way made fun”

Interested in knowing more? Do contact {encode="" title="Wayne Dixon"} or check out

If you want to find out more about Christmas Unwrapped here's some recent footage that may interest you.
The first link is a piece from Evangelical Alliance website following their visit here.

This is footage from a visit we had from Eddie & Dan from Scripture Union on Tuesday with reference to the Christmas Bible Comic. Do check this out. Most pupils have happily taken one of these this week.