Christmas quiz

Posted on November 21, 2007 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Secondary,

I have a ready prepared quiz for groups of 6. For each question they get right, they receive a card with the name of a character from the nativity. (make one or two questions a little difficult so that there is more chance for a winning team). Use tie-breaker questions if necessary.

The teams have to collect all the nativity characters. The first group to collect all characters comes to the front and performs the nativity story in a chosen style as you narrate the story (you could give them styles to choose from e.g. soap opera, rap, drama, musical, posh...) and if there is time in the lesson you can repeat this with different groups from the class, but ask them to choose a different style. It's great to see the children making the story real for them and interpreting it in their own ways.