Card ideas

Posted on January 16, 2012 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Primary, Secondary, 16-19s,

On our Facebook page, a schoolswork member highlighted several new ideas she has come up with for using the playing cards.

Here is the list. Either add your own in a comment below, or on our Facebook page here.

"I came up with some extra ideas on how to use the schoolswork cards and thought I'd share...

GO Fish
The person who has to “go fish,” has to answer the question on the card they picked up
The winner chooses one question from their cards that each other player has to answer

War (2 players)
Whenever 'war' occurs (i.e., two players put down the same card), both players have to answer the question on the card.
The winner chooses one or two questions that the other player has to answer

Either the person caught cheating or the incorrect accuser has to answer the last card that was played

Crazy Eights (similar to Uno)
The player that does not have a matching card must answer the question on the card that was played last
Whoever plays an eight must answer the question on that card

Spoons (or Pig, Tongue)
The winner gets to pick a card from their hand for a person of his/her choice to answer
The loser (of each round) has to answer one of the questions on a number or face card they were trying to collect