ASDAN dilemnas - can you help?

Posted on February 13, 2008 by Anna-Marie Moorhouse
Categories: Secondary,

I help with 2 ASDAN classes in a local high school with young people that are on alternative learning packages and have behavioural and learning difficulties. My role has been to support the teacher and to particularly engage the girls in the groups with challenges that more suit their interests. This worked really well to start with and one of the groups has continued to work well. However the year 10 group has always been a struggle but particularly recently the attitudes and behaviour have deteriorated and the young people aren't responding to me being there and see me as 'the bad guy'. Because of their bad behaviour they are now doing challenges that are largley written and they are just getting more and more annoyed and bored. My role is now more of a TA but I often find I'm just sat there particularly as some of the young people don't want my help.
I'm getting more and more frustrated and sometimes feel like giving up but at the same time don't want to. I spoke to the teacher but he didn't really say much and didn't give the impression that he was going to change anything. I'm running out of steam & ideas.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Got any ideas of how I can move forward?
Sorry for such a long post.