Anger Management

Posted on May 02, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
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Pychotherapist, Nick Luxmoore has written this latest book out of such experiences of young people in schools struggling with their emotions and experiences. In each chapter you'll recognise the characters you see around school and are guided to the issues behind what's being presented and offered ways to explore them. It's a really easy read and is more 'learning by story' than text book example, theory and practice. It also demystifies the counseling process and encourages you to just have a go at understanding, sagely it also talks about the potential costs. I love that it isn't a series of success stories and that letting go of unfinished business is just part of dealing with the brokenness of some young lives. It's also encouraging to read about other peoples work and think, oh I do/say/work it like that.

It covers a whole host of topics along the way - identity,envy, disappointment, loss, emptiness and more.It's the slightly random price of £14.24 on Amazon today and I would say worth every penny. I've already thought of two people to pass copies onto and want to recommend it to a head teacher. If you're easily offended by the colourful language young people are inclined to use then it's probably not for you - maybe along with this area of work!?! I'm also off to buy his book "Feeling Like Crap, Young People and the Meaning of Self Esteem". It's inspiring to read something so real and exciting to think about it's potential.

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December 19, 2007 by Amy Tolmie
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I'm working with a young person who is one outbreak away from expulsion and I'm expected to perform a miracle. Whilst this may be possible theologically, faith permitting, I'm probably not going to deliver as completely reformed a character as the school wishes. Seeing the brilliant person behind the behaviour is only making it an even taller order. Thankfully our team book this term is Working with Anger and Young People...maybe God's already underway!